TV, Digital Media, Radio/Outdoor Advertising!

Effective, Targeted Media Strategies


TV is arguably still the most potent medium available to advertisers; our broadcast team is here to focus on audience delivery on a grand scale.

We are specialists in maximizing your budgets, if you are looking for DRTV media buyers, a Brand campaign or an integrated multi-media mix strategy, we’ll deliver.

Agency Division clients value being kept up to date with sector innovations and advised how best to embrace and benefit from the evolving TV landscape. If you are targeting consumers nationally, regionally we can help and advise you. We can demonstrate how best to fuse broadcast and online strategies to deliver sales.
Finally, don’t let anyone tell you TV is unaffordable. It isn’t. It just needs to be used appropriately.


How is your business competing in the online / digital market place with digital media advertising?

No two businesses are the same; they all have different aims and challenges. Some seek to raise their brand profile. Others are purely response driven, seeking increased revenue and profits from their digital sales channels.

In any one day Agency Division is managing dozens of campaigns across Google, Facebook & Twitter. We have extensive experience running ‘programmatic’ campaigns through the leading ad exchanges and we optimize everything to our clients end objective as cost effectively as possible.

We’ve also bought most of the pioneering new online ‘brand’ advertising formats, and have developed insightful and successful social media strategies.

Digital media advertising should be fully accountable and should work with traditional media channels like TV, outdoor and press, and almost all of the work we do, integrates within a wider media campaign mix.

We would love to discuss your business aims, the challenges you’re currently facing and how we can help your business compete in the digital marketplace.

Radio/Digital Audio

With over 10 years of buying radio advertising, Agency Division has earned a reputation of providing industry leading ROI in the industry. Very few agencies have our relationships and buying power. Our creative experts write strong calls to action to provoke powerful results.

  • National Syndicated Radio

  • Remnant Radio Advertising

  • Local Radio Advertising

  • Event Sponsorships

  • Sirius/XM – Satellite

  • Pandora | Spotify

  • Streaming & Podcasting

  • Per Inquiry Radio

  • Long Form

  • Spanish Radio


Today’s OOH environment provides advertisers with a fantastic array of creative options to showcase their brands in an impactful and engaging manner.

At Agency Division, our planning insights and buying solutions for outdoor media advertising are truly best in class.

Furthermore, our prowess in this field is bolstered by our strategic partnerships with the world’s largest outdoor buying operations. So value is at the heart of every OOH campaign.

Whatever your outdoor brief, we will ensure you connect with the right audience. We utilize outdoor media analytic tools, mapping audiences by lifestyle, travel habits, environment engagement via GPS and eye-tracking studies.

If it’s digital, scrolling or static we will have it covered when it comes to outdoor advertising.


If you don't already have creative or a TV commercial then we can help. Our in-house creative producers work with third party creative agencies, production shops and television networks around the globe to provide competitive solutions for our clients.

Effective DRTV and brand television advertising is a process. From ideation to measured impact we track, measure and help you iterate your creative until the final results are driving the conversions you expect.

Over the years we’ve created and launched national brands like Jumpstart, Milan Institute,, LegalZoom,,,, Microsoft Office Live and StubHub. The team at Agency Division have made our careers from developing television commercials that launch businesses successfully on television.